Friday, October 1, 2010

Why mining drunk is a good idea, the life of Markuz Oldiem.

As stated yesterday, I made a new fort on Dwarf Fortress. Well as of last night the 7 adventures that attempted to brave the new world got some extra help in the form of 3 migrants. One of those migrants name is Markuz Oldiem, who happened to be a 10 Miner.

Now what kind of dwarf does not enjoy a drink or two? I'll answer that question with the name of Markuz Oldiem, who enjoys have 5 kegs of dwarven ale before a simple mining job.

I had created a small section for a underground farm, and my other miner happened to be working on channeling water down to water the farm. Anyway, Markuz decided to mine while drunk and cause a massive cave in that killed 4 of my dwarves, which happened to be my cook,building designer, woodcutter and trader. Markuz himself is outcold and about to drown in water.

This fort is doomed to fail, so I'm gonna go attack the elf trader.

6v1 faggot!


  1. Oh god, DF. Somehow I can't ever get into it. What I do is go through all the naming stuff, and then quit. I just like giving my fort weird names.

  2. I think I am somewhere in the 400 forts made milestone... I can make forts just fine and all, but the little bastards like to ruin themselves by doing something completely stupid like not drinking when there is perfectly good beer next to them.

  3. Can you really expect a dwarf to mine while NOT drunk?

  4. True, he did end up dying from an infected finger though.

  5. Get drunk, cause a cave in, about to drown, die by infected finger. Oh dem dorfs man.

  6. Always funny how one teeny tiny mistake can screw up everything and doom your dorfs.