Monday, October 18, 2010


Look to the right, to see the disclaimer. As stated there, in a rather crude way, I do not own or claim to own anything in/on this blog. Most of this is thigns I find funny on the internet, or just things I find for that matter. Everything is copyright of their respective owners. (yeah, forgot to put this little tidbit of info up when I made the blog)

On lighter(?) note, it is my hated stepmom's birthday today, so I actually have to leave my apartment for something other than school and the basic necessities that is Mt. Code Red and those amazing hyvee sandviches. My niece's birthday is wednesday, which will end up with my nephew and I talking about WoW for a major duration of the time (I somehow got started up again, R.I.P FFXIV, sweet prince. Gotta love the friends who have spare accounts) and then my Dad's birthday this friday.

New roomate this saturday. He is a Marine Biologist. So now the 3 people in here are: Network Major, Marine Biologist, and me, the one guy that screws up everything! Horray!

And dis tablet iz amazing. I can't draw for shit on it, but hey, the painting aspect of it is fun.

Now to join my waifu back in bed.
Oh and my name is now Bunnytots to group with other sites.


  1. Haven't had Code Red in years. Now my mouth is watering.

  2. You should put the tablet to good use and practice drawing.

  3. I have been off and on between studies and other activities. Still getting used to the feel of it.

  4. Background on the Bunnytots please :)

  5. Used to be my old WoW main, and the name bunnytots would've just been bunny if it wasn't already taken. I happened to be eating tater tots at the time. I also think my love for Reisen came with carrying this name around for 5 years....

  6. Reisen is moe~
    >which will end up with my nephew and I talking about WoW for a major duration of the time

    Me and my Uncle always used to talk about video games at family reunions. He's such a bro.

  7. Cool. Nice to see your name has sentimental value. I made my one up and I feel a little proud because it can pass off as a real name :)