Friday, October 29, 2010

New Dakimakura!

I have plans on getting another Dakimakura today. Right now I only have Reisen, and it seems like she gets upset when I'm not home, mostly because she is a social little rabbit. So the plan is to get either Sakuya (would have gotten either a Flandre or Remilia one, but I have roomies and visitors that would consider that "child porn" despite them being fully clothed,) or a Momiji. Will probably order later tonight after work and meetings.

Working at Toys R' Us is fun, considering I hardly work and make above minium wage. Most nights I work as a stock boy just end up being 1 hour of work, with 4 hours of screwing around. Boss is cool with this considering he often joins the DnD games every friday night in the breakroom.


  1. You have roommates and visitors, but have a dakimakura?

    Brave man.

  2. are a very brave soul. I have refrained from ordering one due to my mother.