Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am on my 3rd dream journal, which leads to one getting filled a month since I started. It seems as though my dreams normally go from light natured dreams, such as spending time with my waifu, to a more grimdark setting. Every dream is a lucid dream, other than the setting. No matter how many times I try to change it, it will not go. Without fail, it will always start off with a good dream; example 1.

The dream starts off with me getting home from my Intro to Computers class. I had chosen to go to the 3:10-5:00 pm class that day, and it was really sunny. With no memory of what happened that class I took the road home. The thing is, the road I took is closed and will not be open for another 3 months, this is what told me it was a dream. Anyway, when I got back to my apartment, all the cars were gone so I could actually park reasonably close to my door. I got out of my car, only to have a little blue blur wrap around my legs. Accroding to the dream, it was Cirno, who called me Papa. I lifted her up into my arms and carried her inside. Reisen met me in the little kitchen of my apartment, and then the dream ended.

Anyway, going to bed now. Tired as fuck.


  1. >Every dream is a lucid dream
    That's a hefty accomplishment.

  2. I only very rarely dream, and I quickly forget what few I do have.

  3. My dreams are usually weird and pointless. You should make posts about your dreams more often. They're fun to read.

  4. I'm going to try this dream journal thing. Would be nice to get regular lucid dreams.

  5. I've known about dream journals for literally 6 years and I've told myself "I don't need them", however I've only lucid dreamt about 4 times.

    Probably time to write one up...