Thursday, October 21, 2010

My body is ready.

I got some mentally impairing drinks, some snacks, and an urge to troll. So it is a average TF2 night. Anyone who has steam and wants to play a game or two with me is more than welcome to do so. . Also have some Left for Dead 2, Killing Floor, Dead Rising 2, GMOD, and games along those lines.

Got some writing done today too, mostly character development for 3 of the main characters. Like all other works done by me, it will not be open to the public until it is finished. I don't like to have things half done released if I could help it.

Interesting dream last night. Went to Gensokyo via train, but somewhere along the line it became a large RV-Bus hybrid that was as large as a train. I think zombies were involved, that part was/is a little hazy. Somewhere in the middle Nitori, Rumia, and Saene had shotguns and were sitting on top of the RV-Bus. The leader of this little band (I was apart of it, for some reason I only had a switchblade that shot Danmaku) was also a woman, and I decided to have an arguement with her. Alas, it only lead to me being shot and killed by a rifle.

This made me wonder what dying is actually like, will it just be unfeeling indifference? Or will it be painful? Too bad the only way to find out is to actually die, which is something that I'm not quite ready to try.


  1. Death is an interesting subject but it's best not to dwell on it.

  2. Hahaha, I'm sure it wasn't your intent but the title of your post made me think of manga, where the girl's all telling the guy "my body isn't ready!" and stuff like that before they begin the delicious secks. Er, anyway. Nice dream you got there.

  3. Haha yeah, I wrote this after having some coffee late at night, which is basically a huge screw up to my mind.

    To young to drink unfortunately.

  4. man, I wish Fallout: NV had some sort of co-op mode