Friday, October 8, 2010


I used to play WoW, but I quit earlier in the year when I was hacked. Well when I was dicking around for shits and grins I decided to try my password again, and it worked, but the account was full of lvl ones with the variation of Bennet in them. Anyway the hacker's credit card was still on it, so I deleted every character and got blizzard to restore most of my stuff. Later yesterday, I got a notice (I only played enough that week to get bored of it) that I was still paying for the subscription, but blizzard decided to cancel my subscript, then make me pay the money for this month even though they canceled before the due date.

Fuck you blizzard, I'm not paying.


  1. >Fuck you blizzard, I'm not paying.

    Serves them right.

  2. I got hacked once, raised hell with a GM, got a free authenticator (not a physical one, free cuz it's free on phones), account back, and I've been raiding happily ever after =)

  3. With all the fail MMO's that I've been looking forward to as of late, I'm really tempted to go back to WoW again.

  4. I usually play an mmo for 1-2 month, then never play it again