Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All quiet in the apartment of the dead.

I have been in a massive writers block for some time now. The last story that I wrote with any idea of where it was going, turned to shit near the end because while I was writing, I overshot the goddamn limit by 40 pages. The last 5 pages was kind of strapped on, more of a "well this isn't ending any time soon, so here, have this shitty one." Gonna start to write sometime tomorrow or late tonight when I am out of my mind with tiredness (I write my best when tired and listening to music.) Everything is all set up living wise. I got my Coca Cola, Bottled water, and a large Papa John's pizza that will last until Saturday sometime.

In other news, Fallout: New Vegas so far has ran pretty smoothly for me, other than the main menu when starting up. Apprently my resolution was to large for it, despite the game itself filling my screen, and actually pushing the start option into a unclickable waste land. Got it working after though, set it to a 800x600 for the time being until I can be arsed to change it.

Gonna go present shopping tomorrow, Dad's birthday is Friday, gonna get him some shirts and whatnot since he is one of the most indecisive people to shop for. Niece's party was today, heh, was fun.

Bitches be hating on my spy skills in Team Fortress 2, 131 points in one round of Capture Point. Too bad my total points in one life as a spy is 74, second only to my 88 points as Engineer in one life.

Right now I am debating whether or not to actually start writing tonight, or do some more planning and storyboarding in the morning. Eh time will tell.

No dream story tonight because I can hardly see with all this eyestrain going on.


  1. Quite a bit going on in your life.

  2. Take a break. You can start writing tomorrow :)