Thursday, September 30, 2010

Autism, Nerdism, and Wallpapers.

Interesting way to start my Intro to Lit class today. As I sat down at my usual place, someone I did not know approached me, asking if I happened to play Final Fantasy 14. It just so happens I do, and we had a long discussion about FFXIV and WoW (a past guilty pleasure, probably why I'm a loser today) and somehow managed to spend the entire class uninterrupted talking about both those 2 games.

Apprently, I my attire and demenor just scream FFXIV nerd, or just FF in general.

Now! Back to Autism, I started a new fortress in Dwarf Fortress today, started of with:
Dwarf 1 (Batman): Mining 10, Bookkeeping 6
Dwarf 2 (Superman) Woodcutting, 7
Dwarf 3 (TheFlash): Mason 6, Building Designer 6, and Carpentry 6,
Dwarf 4 (TheHulk): Appraiser 7, Flatterer 7,
Dwarf 5 (Thomas): Cook 8, Butcher,7
Dwarf 6 (Ironman) Fishing 10
Dwarf 7 (Wonderwoman): I just use her for hauling supplies after trees have been cut down and whatnot.

I also sold the medical supplies you start of with, along with everything foodwise but Plump Helms and Cave Lobster, bumped those up to 30 of each, then used the remaining points on some wood.

And last but not least; Wallpapers I said I'd post yesterday. (There is more, but I'm not going to spam all of my wallpapers into one post)