Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dead Rising 2.

This game is amazing. A lot better than the first, but I wish that the camera carried over to the 2nd game, since that was a major feature for the first.

A bit behind the story, there are no spoilers.

You are Chuck Greene, a ex motocross star. The game starts off with you and 3 other people playing the T.V. game show, Terror is Reality. Chuck hops up on a bike equppied with dual chainsaws on the side. The objective of the game is to kill as many zombies, earning you points. No matter how hard you try, Leon will win by a wide margin. Shortly after the show, the zombie outbreak happens, and Chuck is framed for it.

I know I probably did a shitty job of explaining the beginning, but I didn't want to give the entire beginning away.

Anyway, I made a combination of a couple of weapons and got the Defilier, a axe that decimates the zombies and boss like npcs called Psychopaths. I beat the story a day or so ago, so I've been roleplaying a Psychopath and killing all living and undead things I possibly can.


  1. Haha, funny pictures.
    I wish my Xbox wasn't broken so I could play this game.

  2. Which platform do you have this on? I was thinking of buying this (the PC version) from Steam, but I have no one to play co-op with.

  3. Are the achievements as crazy as the first one?

  4. I have the one on steam.
    Achievement wise, there is the one with 1k melee kills, you get a shaun of the dead outfit for that.
    Kill 72k zombies in one game.
    That's all I know, I haven't really gotten any achievements becase this game doesn't really have any noticable achievements.

  5. Tricycle confirmed for Pro-Ride.

  6. My "rig" isn't good enough to play this. (._.)

  7. I went into Blockbuster simply on a whim, and I was surprised to actually see something I want be available.

    Yeah, DR2 is really fun.