Saturday, September 17, 2011

Disgaea 4

Currently going through the new Disgaea game, which is in my opinion on the same level of enjoyment as Disgaea 1 for the PSP. A fantastic cast complimented by witty humor and a decent challenge (not too difficult so far, not faceroll easy.) If Disgaea 1 struck your fancy and if you have a PS3, I'd highly recommend this gem of a game.

I'm on the boss stage for Chapter 4, I made some poor choices and had my healer fall behind around 12 levels while my Prinnies, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff are now the lowest in my party, currently sitting at 28 each. Fusions are weird and I prefer my Star Mages over demons (except for certain companions; Prinnies will always have a place on my team.)

Anyway, shitty recommendation and an even worse mention of the area I'm on! I guess this is my cue to leave and get back to the grind.

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  1. Since I'm going to start working next week I may buy this together with Neptunia and all those weeaboos games. Haven't turned on my PS3 in almost a year.